♥ If u are a LADY , ♥ Take care of your BODY , ♥ Don’t ever make a BABY , ♥ Without a DADDY. ツ

naman! :D

Kung ika’y nagseselos..


Kung ako sa taong mahal mo, dapat nagpapasalamat ako..Kase dun nya mararamdaman na ayaw mo syang mawala sa buhay mo.

i’ve never really told you how gratefull i am to have met you. When i first met you,
i honestly thought i didn’t have a chance to even have you as a close friend. When I look back
i realised how much you’ve sacrificed just to be with me,
I’m sorry that you had to give so much up. You weren’t even sure whether or not you had feelings
for me. BUT… you gave it a shot anyway (i still don’t know why). So thankyou, you took a chance
on me, we don’t know where this path will take us but i’ll do my best to make it worth what you had to give up.
I don’t want you to worry yourself, thinking whether or not i believe you when you say you love me.
I know you do, you really mean it and that means so much to me. i hope that you know that when i say ‘i love you’ i mean it with all my heart,
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Pride is the deadliest poison that could kill a relationship.